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You're in the grocery store in the produce aisle, staring at the cantaloupe. How do you tell if it's good? Do you sniff it? Do you knock on it? How about checking for firmness? What do you do?

The answer's easy! You pull out your device and launch Produce Pal! This premiere app will help you determine not only how to pick out quality fruits and vegetables, but also tell you the best way to store it at home so it will keep for the longest amount of time.

Want more? Produce Pal also has nutrition information about each type of produce and fun trivia that you can amaze your friends with when they ask you "How did you know how to pick out a Kumquat? This is delicious!"

Produce Pal has a database of over 130 different fruits and vegetables. Is there something that we missed? Just let us know and we'll put it in the next update. Each produce item has a description of:
  • How to pick the perfect produce when shopping
  • How to store the item once its home
  • Nutrition facts
  • Fun and interesting trivia
This app can help you save time and money!

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